I’m Not Done Yet

Mr. Patterson really got my dander up. Not because he took some cheap shots by making a flimsy attempt to insult my intelligence (I believe the best he could muster was “idiot” – that’s the equivalent, in my book, of trying to throw sand at me, yet he is trowing into the wind), but rather because, unfortunately, his viewpoint seems to resonate from far too many people these days. The sad fact is that a great many of these disciples of the hard line extremists merely parrot the opinions of those they choose to follow. That is not unlike a jury basing its entire decision on the statements made by the prosecution, without bothering to listen to the defense.

So as a result of Mr. Patterson’s weak attempt at insulting me, there is a great deal more to write on this subject – the war on terror, the war in Iraq, weapons of mass destruction. There will likely be things you don’t agree with me on. That’s ok. If a preacher isn’t making some of his congregation feel uncomfortable – well, he ain’t preachin’!!

We will take a look at the hard facts. If you choose to disagree, that’s fine. If you choose to chime in with your thoughts, the comment line is open. Be forewarned, however, that if you choose to spew forth with name calling, but can’t back up your position with more than a baseless opinion, you will be eaten alive! Mr. Patterson says that history will prove him to be right, but he has yet to produce one single fact to back up his opinion. If I chose to wait for one, I believe I would be waiting a long time. (“I read it on Michael Moore’s web site, so it must be true” does not count.)