Pesky Things, Those Facts

That fabulous group of Americans known as have never been known to let something as trivial as facts get in their way. Not when they have the opportunity to politicize a natural disaster and smear the President.

Seems that last week they put three Katrina survivors on display outside the White House as part of their “protest”. Seems they still want to blame President Bush for the levee break in New Orleans. However, under Bush, funding for the Corps of Engineers in Louisiana was the biggest chunk of the Corps’ budget for 2001 – 2005, getting $1.9 billion. Three Corps flood control projects around New Orleans received $391 million during that period.

So, when comes out and wants to play the blame game and point the finger at Bush, they really don’t seem to care about what the reality of the situation is. No. That would just spoil their fun.

Just think. If these people would spend half as much time doing something constructive with their time, instead of staging these moronic protests with no factual basis to stand on, think of the monumental greatness they could accomplish. Good grief! I’m beginning to sound like my mother.

But I digress… Back to the facts.

The other gripe by Moveon? Iona Renfroe, one of the MoveOn puppets on display at last week’s protest sums it up with this statement:

There has been “absolutely no response by the federal government … absolutely nothing has been done.”

I’m wondering what Renfroe defines as nothing, since the Department of Homeland Security is stating the following information:

  1. 71,000 federal personnel
  2. 45,000 rescues (23,000 by the Coast Guard alone)
  3. 273,000 citizens evacuated
  4. 550 federally-organized shelters
  5. 11.3 million MREs distributed
  6. 18 million liters of drinking water

So here comes the kicker. Tom Matzzie, Washington director of Political Action comes out with this statement:

“What looks like incompetence by the president and his appointees is actually something worse,” Matzzie claimed. “This is what government looks like when it is in the hands of people who don’t believe in government, who want to privatize, who want to cut back and reduce the ability of the government to serve its people.”

There you have it. Matzzie (and I assume he speaks for MoveOn as a whole) thinks government is the answer. People should not rely on anything but government for the solution to their problems and to guarantee jobs, security, and money. Ok then. Why bother with Income Tax. Why don’t we just move to a more socialist system of government and hand over our entire check to the feds. Dispense with local and state government. Just turn all authority over to the federal.

Mr. Matzzie, privitization is what makes this country great. Capitalism is why we have what we have. It is the sole reason that we have the money to assist our own citizens in a time of crisis. It is the sole reason that we are able to provide so much to the rest of the world. Without our economic system, you remove any incentive for excellence. Did you learn nothing in the great Capitalism vs. Socialism race of the Cold War? Implies Bush at Fault for Levee Breaks — 09/09/2005

Since we are on the subject of inaccuracies, why don’t we throw in a little more information into the “Blame Bush for the Levee Break” fray. If you want to point fingers for the levee break, why don’t you go right to the source of the problem. Save Our Wetlands (SOWL) has been responsible for opposing every improvment to floodwater management of Lake Ponchartrain. But don’t take my word for it. Read it on their own website.

It would be nice if we could do without the finger pointing. That would leave more energy for the efforts of rebuilding the Gulf Coast. It would be an opportunity for the country to come together and get things done. Unfortunately, the way I see it, most of the finger pointing and the blame game is coming from the loud mouthed left. They could do everyone a favor by shutting their mouths for a while and help with the task at hand. There will be plenty of time for them to spout off later, but now is not the time.