Should We Leave Now?

To the Sheehans, Moores, and Mark Pattersons of the World, should we really leave Iraq now?

If the war is “illegal,” should the freely elected governing council, and the appointed president be removed? How about reinstating Saddam?

Of course that would be ridiculous. Why then would we not listen to the plea of Jalal Talabani? [full story]

I’ve got news for you naysayers that say we shouldn’t be there and that the Iraqis don’t want us there.

American forces are in Iraq at the invitation of the democratically elected government of Iraq, and with the backing of a United Nations Security Council resolution…

Americans should be proud of what its soldiers have achieved. The presence of foreign forces has prevented a renewed civil war in Iraq–renewed because there has already been a civil war in Iraq. For 35 years, Saddam and his Baath Party made war on the Iraqi people. The liberation of Iraq ended that civil war.

Notice that Talabani uses the phrase “liberation of Iraq.” I grow weary of the media giving a soapbox to the Sheehans, the Moores, the Moveon.orgs to refer to the same as an “invasion” and that we remain “occupiers.” Sorry, but it doesn’t look like Iraq sees it the same way you do. We now have an ally in the Middle East, something we will need desparately in the future as the spectre of a nuclear power looms in Iran. We must continue to defend our new ally.

By giving us the tools, your troops help us to defend Iraqi democracy and to finish the job of uprooting Baathist fascism.

Talabani and the Iraqi people want the Allies to finish the job. The troops want to finish the job.

Let them finish the job!