Hotline to warn of immigration raids

A coalition is forming in California that would notify illegal immigrants of upcoming raids, thereby protecting them from being “terrorized” by federal immigration officials.

This has to be one of the most absurd things yet in the immigration policy debate. Since when is actually enforcing the law an abuse of power? Here’s a thought – just obey the law in the first place and there won’t be a problem.

Here’s a quote from an “immigrant” (I suppose the term illegal was overlooked) complaining about his “rights” being “trampled.”

“We want to have a more organized effort to counter these attacks,” said Jaime Conteras, a 20-year-old Filipino immigrant who now lives in Santa Ana. “We cannot let people trample on our rights.”

Rights? What rights do you have to come to this country in a manner that violates the law? To take that statement seriously requires one to say that our system of laws do not matter. You cannot pick and choose.  If there is probable cause, a search may be conducted.  Anyone detained must be granted due process.  Outside of that, if you are actually here illegally, you don’t have much of a case.

Next I suspect that we will find some drug addict advocacy group form a coalition to tip off drug dealers of pending raids by the DEA. Or maybe a hotline by NAMBLA to protect peddlers of kiddie porn from abuse of power by law enforcement.

The immigration reform that we need is simply a commitment to enforce our existing laws. And the so-called “path to citizenship?” Last time I checked, we already had one. It’s called “naturalization” and you can read about it here:

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