Out of touch with the people

It becomes more and more evident everyday that President Obama is out of touch with the American people. Yesterday was no exception.

In his comments about Press Secretary Robert Gibbs imminent departure, the president referred to Gibbs’ salary as “relatively modest.” 

Having been part of the Obama inner sanctum, Gibbs’ $172,000 annual salary is certainly well below his current earning potential.  But when the average family income in America is $55,000, less if you’re part of the 9.5% on unemployment, I hardly think $172,000 could be considered “modest.”  In fact, it places Gibbs in the upper 5% of income earners.

Talk Radio’s Neal Boortz says it best, since according to Obamanomics, $200,000 is considered “rich,”

What have we learned here? We’ve learned that this incompetent hack has no idea how real Americans live and what they make. Only a moron could go from “relatively modest” to “wealthy” with just $28,000 in income.

I would be more likely to use the following labels for someone who thinks $172k is a “modest” income:

  • arrogant
  • out-of-touch
  • elitist