MediaMatters jumps on the band wagon

Of course MediaMatters has gotten involved in the blame game of the Tuscon Tragedy.  David Brock has posted an open letter to Rupert Murdoch outlining that he warned of violence as a result of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin’s “extreme anti-government rhetoric.”  Since his “previous warnings were laughed off and ignored. For the country’s sake, [he hopes] you take them more seriously now.”

Except that he fails to draw any logical connection between the shooter Jared Loughner and any comments from Palin or Beck.  It’s all merely conjecture.

Also, as I have pointed out, there is a difference between “anti-government” rhetoric and being anti-BIG-government.  Hey, Brock – here’s a thought.  Since you want the right to be careful with their words, why don’t you do the same.  You know full well that you are misrepresenting the facts by using the term “anti-government.”  And since that is intended to stir up concern over Palin and Beck on the airwaves, isn’t that in essence also the politics of fear?  Or is  that only valid when someone on the right is speaking of the left?