Of violence and ignorance

The point of this site is that the politics of progressives plays on ignorance of the masses.  They make use of emotion to drive reactionary responses that eat away at the freedoms this country was founded on. Nowhere is this going to be more prevalent in the coming days than in the response to  Saturday’s tragic shooting of Representative Gabrielle Gifford (D-AZ) and the death of innocent bystanders.

The liberal blogosphere was quick to blame Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and other conservatives.  While this kind of violence against innocent Americans is inexcusable and is of course being condemned by reasonable people, we need to take notice when the Left sees an opportunity to advance its agenda.

It is sad to see folks immediately politicize such a tragedy. If your first response to such an event is to think of Sarah Palin, something is wrong.

Matt Lewis writing on politicsdaily.com

In fact, some members of the left are not above politicizing this tragedy to the point of using it as a fund-raising tool.  A group known as 21st Century Democrats sent out a fund raising email blast saying it’s too early to tell why Loughner shot Gifford and killed six others, but Sarah Palin and her supporters used violent imagery against Gifford in the campaign.  The email directed supporters to this page to donate.

Even the real commies – The Communist Party USA used this opportunity to blame the right.

The extreme right-wing tea party movement and their anti-government rantings and ravings helped create an atmosphere that allowed or even encouraged this attack… Political hate speech has consequences.

This shooting marks a dangerous and sad day for our country. It’s up to the American people to say, “Enough” to the hate, the racism, incitement to violence and the fascist-like behavior of anti-government thugs. Political violence and assassination has no place in our democracy.

It is interesting how the Communist Party USA fails to point out that Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” was listed among shooter Jared Loughner’s favorite books. And to equate the Tea Party movement to being “anti-government” is a complete misrepresentation that is easily refuted.

Let us first be sure of what we were witness to.  This was not an act of some extremist conservative driven to anti-government rebellion by coded language used by Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck. This was a terrorist act carried out by an individual who was clearly mentally disturbed.

Violence against innocents is unspeakable and unconscionable. There is no place for domestic terrorism in resistance to tyranny. We cannot let the Left win by using ignorance of what has occurred to create bigger and more oppressive government.  I highly suggest reading an editorial at HumanEvents.com by John Hayward titled “The Censorship of Madmen.”  Hayward points out, “What would be a great loss would be allowing madmen to censor our discourse.”

The type of violent domestic terrorism enacted by Jered Loughner does nothing to serve the cause of Liberty.  In fact, it does irreperable harm to Americans through the typical reactionary response and the blame game.  And it is happening already.

In less than a day after the shooting, Congressman Bob Brady wants to introduce a bill to “protect” members of Congress by making it a federal crime to threaten or incite violence against a member of Congress or a federal official. It is important to protect members of Congress against violence.  But it is essentially already a crime to incite violence against any American.  The problem with the type of legislation that Brady is introducing is he wants to restrict certain web sites from using certain language.

I hope that you can see the problem with this.  Sure, now we are specifically talking about saying you can’t “target” an opponent’s district, putting them in your “crosshairs.”  But who decides tomorrow what language will be banned?  But Brady isn’t concerned with with that, saying “Let the Supreme Court deal with Freedom of Speech.” He says the job of Congress is to pass laws.  I hope that other members of Congress have more sense than he.

We cannot let the enemies of what makes America great to win.  We cannot sit down and let them make false accusations in the blame game.  Do not let them shut down political discourse and debate by taking a tragic act of terrorism by a mentally deranged individual and calling it the result of anti-government politics of hate.