Brokaw wrong on guns

“Gun control is too simple a phrase to define all the complications and nuances of it, frankly. In Arizona they have a wide open system. I would be nervous about going into a bar or restaurant in Arizona on a Saturday night where people can carry concealed without permits,” Tom Brokaw said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

The problem with your logic, Tom, is twofold.

First, the people that are going to commit crimes using a weapon don’t care whether you are required to have a permit to carry concealed.  They are going to do that anyway, anywhere, whether it’s a bar in Arizona or a restaurant in New York.  Do you think that a person who is going to commit a crime using a weapon thinks, “How am I going to get this gun into the restaurant?  I don’t have a concealed carry permit…”

Second, the new law in Arizona that removes the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed weapon actually stiffens penalties for crimes commited using a concealed weapon.

So, what have we learned?  People who are going to commit crimes are going to concealed carry with or without a permit anyway.  And if they do commit a crime, the penalty will be stiffer if they used a concealed weapon.

I wonder if Brokaw thinks that the muggers on the streets of New York City worry about whether or not they have a concealed carry permit.