Pelosi: still out of touch

Nancy Pelosi had words to say to Bill O’Reilly regarding his interview with President Obama.  She thought his question regarding the people that “hate” him was “inappropriate.”

“To hear this used in the presence of the president of the United States — I think we all have to recognize that while we disagree with people, and may think that they are wrong,” the word “hate” should never be used, Pelosi said.

“In the presence of?”  – Nancy, he’s not a king.  He is a representative of the people, just like you.  It would be naive to assume that there are not people that actually “hate” him.  And this is not without precedent.  In our history, there have been many times when there has been animosity, and yes, hatred, between various political ideologies.  To suggest that the word “hate” should never be used is simply ridiculous.

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