Keith Olbermann and Current TV

It is always comical to me how the die-hard Progressive Left gets bent out of shape over Fox News.  They absolutely go to pieces and demand a return to the Fairness Doctrine so their views can be heard.  But what they fail to realize is that no one (well, almost no one) wants to hear it.

Keith Olbermann is a great study in this phenomenon.  Olbermann is a man with an ego so giant, it’s a wonder that he can get into the studio.  And he has had a chip on his shoulder for Fox News for as long as I can remember.  But the more he ranted and raved, the more Fox News gained in the ratings.  You would think the executives at MSNBC would have figured out that he just wasn’t pulling the ratings (which means no one wants to watch him); and they finally did.

Fast forward to now.  Al Gore has gleefully announced that Olbermann will be coming to Current, Gore’s struggling cable channel.  And I can see why.  Current currently draws about 23,000 viewers in prime time.  And that’s not like other Nielsen ratings where you have to add the “000” at the end – it’s twenty-three thousand total.  For a channel that Gore has worked to make available to 58,000,000 households, that’s a reach of about 0.04%.  Olbermann could increase that by ten-fold, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

A ten-fold increase from the 23,000 viewers they have now would bring the prime time viewership for the channel to 230,000.  Even with that, it’s still less than one half of one percent of their reach; and a quarter of the viewers that Olbermann had at MSNBC.  Not exactly a move up.  And although Al Gore and Current TV sound ecstatic at the prospects, it is still a losing proposition.

Sure, Olbermann will be “Chief News Officer,” and I’m sure that being in charge will be a feed to his ginormous ego.  But the bottom line is this – while there will be a huge initial boost in ratings from Olbermann coming on board (it’s hard not to get a huge boost when you are on the bottom), only time will tell if that will translate into long term ratings success.  And my guess is that, if past performance is indicative of future results, it will be a long, drawn-out disaster.

America just doesn’t want to buy what Current TV is selling.  It is obvious that Olbermann is slanted to the Progressive Left, and that doesn’t resonate with Main Stream America.  Just ask Air America how that business model worked out for them.