The class warfare argument could backfire on unions

The biggest thing that liberals and progressive have to work with is class envy.  It’s easy to blame everything on the rich people not “paying their fair share.”  Nevermind that our tax system is progressive so the more you make in regular income, the higher rate at which you are taxed.

Now, the biggest group driving the communist progressive agenda is in danger of their argument backfiring on them.  Their only source of growth lately has been in the public sector.  As they have seen an increase in outsized benefit packages, they are about to be bludgeoned with their own billy club.  Call it “pension envy.”  The private sector working class is not going to just jump on the union band wagon when they are crying over benefit packages that are quite a bit larger than their private sector counterparts.

For now, they have working class anger on their side in terms of collective bargaining rights.  But when the issue becomes pay and benefits, they lose support.  We’ll have to see how the delicate balancing act of public opinion works out for them.

Anger Brews Over Government Workers’ Benefits – CNBC