There’s more to being President that good speeches

There is no doubt that President Barack Obama is a brilliant orator.  But it’s easy to give a great speech when you don’t care about reality.  Take, for example, a recent speech at a DCCC Fundraiser where Obama praised former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as “someone who’s going to go down as one of the greatest Speakers in our history.”

That is something that isn’t even debatable as remotely possible, in my opinion.  Under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi the House rammed through one of the most divisive pieces of legislation in our nation’s history; landmark legislation without a single vote from the opposing party.  During that process, she shut out the opposition from amendments and built the bill behind closed doors when transparency was promised.  And remember how she told us that we had to pass the bill to find out all of the great things that were in it?  If it is so great, why are there so many waivers being granted (over 1000 at last count)?

Further, the national debt under Speaker Pelosi rose to record proportions.  She spent more, approved more spending, traveled like a queen while Rome was burning with a cratering economy and rising unemployment.  All of this happened under Democrat leadership of the House and Senate; and for two years, the White House.

And what about any of that makes her “one of the greatest Speakers in our history?”