Obama finance (il)logic

President Obama is saying that there is little sense in defunding NPR and PBS because it’s not a lot of money:

President Obama defended public broadcasting from cuts on Friday, emphasizing that defunding networks like NPR and PBS would do little to rein in spending. – The Hill

Unfortunately, this is akin to a family on the verge of bankruptcy saying, “well, we are underwater by tens of thousands of dollars.  We are about to loose our house, and our monthly payments for the mortgage and other debt is in the thousands of dollars per month.  But since my cable bill is only $60/month, we are going to keep that.”

To that family, most reasonable people would say, “Listen, you have got to get ALL of your spending under control.  You have mismanaged your money.  Get your house in order in every area.  Then we can talk about what might be appropriate and what isn’t.”

But Obama doesn’t see it that way.  And why should he?  The money he’s spending (or wants to spend) isn’t really his.  (I will say that, in so far as he is also a taxpayer, a very small portion of it is his money.  But, you know what I mean.)