Stories of the absurd

AARP CEO claims that they are strictly nonpartisan (you have got to be kidding me)

Twice as many Americans work for the government than manufacturing (one word – bloat)

Elementary school teacher charged with sending death threats to WI state lawmakers (what happened to the new civility? Oh, wait, if it’s violent rhetoric against republicans, that ok.)

Volt sales in March more than January and February combined (they’ve sold 1210 Volts YTD.  Compare that to 50,000 Cruze.  And yet the Volt comes with a $7500 government rebate.)

Emperor Obama decrees that all federal vehicles be advanced technology (green compliant) by 2015 (yeah, when it’s not your money, who cares what it costs?)

Flashback: Obama would rather be a really good one term president than a two term president (newsflash Barack: if the majority kicks you to the curb, you weren’t “really good.”)