A non-starter

The President laid out his plans to tackle the deficit yesterday but 50% of his speech was targeted at telling you why the Paul Ryan plan was bad for America.  The administration is telling us that it’s the real deal and not just a campaign speech.  To that, I ask, “just how dumb do you think I am?”

If President Obama had truly wanted to tackle the deficit, he would have done so already.  In fact, he made campaign promises to that end.  But he brushed it off during the first two years of his administration, piling on new spending as if we printed our own money.

So NOW you want to tackle the deficit?  Actions speak loader than words, Mr. President.  And your actions tell me that you don’t have the ability to do this.  Step aside and let the real work get done.

And don’t give me any of the this “the economy was so great under Bill Clinton because of a balanced budget” business.  Clinton came off looking like a genius because he allowed the Republicans in Congress to reign in spending and then he spent his time taking credit for it.  If Obama was as smart as he thinks he is, he would do the same.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t play to his ego.  And he’s about to step into an arena where he is outclassed.  Governing as an ideologue works for awhile, but when it comes time to fix financial problems, book smarts don’t cut it.

So back to my point.  Is this campaign rhetoric, or does he really mean it this time?

Listen, he had two years of a majority in Congress to get his budgets through.  Have those budgets fixed anything?

Then why would he start now?

Does that answer your question?