Iconic Presidents

You are thinking to yourself, I want to model myself after a real man.  Someone who knows how to work hard, clear brush, brand a steer.  Someone not afraid to get his hands dirty.  Oh, and I’d like to also grow up to be the President of the United States.  Let’s see… I need some role models.

Of course, Reagan was a Man’s Man.  He was not afraid to get his hands dirty and knew what hard work was.  He enjoyed a hard days work on his California ranch.  Now that’s a tough guy, deserving of a cowboy hat.  Anyone who knows how to sling a chainsaw knows how to work hard.

And George W. Bush seems to have been cut from similar cloth.  A bad day working on his Crawford, TX ranch beats a good day working in that pansy oval office.  Here he is clearing brush at Prairie Chapel Ranch.  People made jokes about his twang and his swagger, but those were the dainty elites who prefer their manicures and lotiony hands over some dirt under the fingernails and a good healthy callus.  Why is it then that the Democrats are so popular with the blue collar working class?  You’d think a working man would relate to this.  But I digress…

Even Bill Clinton was iconic as the King of Cool.  OK, he’s not working a chainsaw down on the ranch.  And let’s be honest, 20 acres in Westchester County isn’t exactly steer roping territory.  But the man gets chicks.  And he’s pretty cool with that sax and some sun glasses.  He may be a democrat and a power hungry liberal, but he’s not exactly a pansy.

And then you have Barack Obama…  I just don’t know what to say here.  Nothing wrong with cycling.  But that fender/mud flap?  Dude… time to man up!

So I ask you, who would you choose as a Presidential Role Model?


Update May 2012:

Since I originally posted this, nothing has really changed with regard to Reagan and Bush being serious, hard working, man’s man types.  In fact, Bush has only served to reinforce this image with his 100k Warrior Ride.  Compare that to Obama’s mud flap roadie bike above.

And Bill?  Well, he’s still showing us that he’s a man about town who, at age 65, may not be spending much time playing his saxophone.  But he’s still playing the field and able to attract chicks in some super human kind of way.  Recently while in Europe, he was photographed with a handful of porn stars.

While all of this was going on, our illustrious Commander in Chief decided to come out – in favor of Gay Marriage that is.