A simpleton’s view of tax code economics

dear mr. ceoI recently saw this cartoon on Facebook.  Sadly, this and most of the comments that accompanied it show that Americans (and others) lack even a basic understanding of economics and the tax code.

The generations that made this country what it became in the 20th Century have long since passed from this world, leaving behind a culture that, because it did not need to struggle, is completely dependent upon others for survival.  Unless as a nation we are able to regain that pioneer spirit of tenacity and resilency at all costs, we cannot expect to achieve prosperity.

Every empire throughout history eventually came to an end, most often because the generations that followed the growth became soft and comfortable.  Consider that internal strife and class struggle often contributed to their downfall.

Has anyone bothered to pay attention to what is happening in Europe today? A productive society (Germany) is being asked to carry the load for others that are largely unproductive (namely Greece).  How long do you think that the producers will be willing to carry the non-producers before the entire system comes unglued?

Meanwhile, instead of working to change from user to producer, many non-producers in the United States have decided that it might just be easier to complain about what the productive class has.  If you are unwilling to do anything to produce for yourself, you will always be reliant upon others – you will be nothing more than a wage slave, and most likely in bondage to debt.