Jesse Jackson and Larry Hanley – the disgusting underbelly of society

At a union rally in Wisconsin, where the public employees are looking for the outster of Governor Scott Walker, Larry Hanley, head of the Amalgamated Transit Union, stated in his speech, “On September 11, when we were attacked, I didn’t see any bankers running up the stairs to save lives.” 

I certainly don’t want to downplay the selfless heroism of the firefighters, police, and Port Authority personnel that sacrificed it all in the World Trade Center. But to suggest that they were the only heroes and that those evil bankers ran away while others ran to help is not only absurd, it cheapens the entire moment.

People like Hanley make me physically sick when they cheapen the sacrifice of others for their own political gain.

Here is just one story of heroism from a couple of men who were not union employees:

Marissa Panigrosso and Sarah Dechalus, both AON employees, worked with Eric Eisenberg and Gary Herold on the 98th floor of Tower 2. Their encounters with these men make clear the men lost their lives trying to assist others to safety, as Mr. Eisenberg rounded up other employees from the 98th floor and Mr. Herold apparently stood by the stairwell, both urging people to leave after a plane had hit the neighboring north tower. Ms. Panigrosso and Ms. Dechalus both lived, Mr. Eisenberg and Mr. Herold did not.

– “Accounts from the South Tower

There are many more stories like this, but the point of this editorial is not to state the obvious.  It is to point out that Larry Hanley, Jesse Jackson, and others like them will use anything for their own gain.  They don’t care if they cloud the truth, or whether they honor the memory of the heroes of that day.

If you have never taken the time to do so, I suggest that you read through some of The New York Times Portraits of Grief.

Liberals like Hanley seeth with hatred at the mention of someone like Donald Rumsfeld, I am sure. But if you look through photos of that day, you will see the Secretary of Defense running into the building to save people and carrying out the wounded. And he’s not the only one.

Many first responders died that day – fire fighters, police, and others. But don’t cheapen their sacrifice or the sacrifice of others by using 9/11 to stir up your class warfare.

After the speech, The Weekly Standard asked Felesia Martin, co-chair for Obama for America, what she thought of Hanley’s invoking 9/11, and her response was typical.

“This is the great thing about our country,” she said. “We have freedom of speech. We’re able to say what we want to say, whether we agree with it or not. We have the right to say that.”

Really, Felecia?  We all know that things can be said whether we agree with them or not.  Are you saying you don’t agree?  Or that if others don’t agree, they should remember than Hanley is simply exercising his rights?  That answer is typical of Liberals – it is a non-answer.

Jesse Jackson also spoke to the crowd comparing Walker to Alabama segregationist Governor George Wallace, and invoking Emmet Till,  Rosa Parks and Dr. King.  I’m surprised he stopped short of calling Governor Walker a hood-wearing Klansman.

Great leaders of defining moments become great because they were not seeking greatness.  They were simply standing up against evil or injustice.

People like Jackson and Hanley are nothing more than self serving bloviators who are in it for the attention and the notoriety.  And that makes them less than great.

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