Uranium mining ban an example of Liberal double standards

I’m not a huge fan of nuclear power.  I’m definitely not a fan of nuclear war.  But I am a fan of (1) reasonable priced energy, (2) defending our country from its enemies, and (3) not letting the federal government overreach. So, the Obama Administration has decided to ban the mining of uranium in Arizona.  Granted, I’m not a big fan of uranium mining either.  But I know a double standard when I see it.

If the administration wants to pull out manipulated science to show that uranium mining is damaging to the environment, then I would expect similar bans on the mining of lithium, which clearly is damaging to the environment.

But you won’t ever see that happen, because the liberal wet dream is that one day everyone will be driving electric vehicles powered by “clean” battery power (nevermind that lithium is rarer than crude oil, more expensive to produce,  and abusive to the environment).

[Politics, not science, at heart of uranium mining ban in Arizona]