Disingenuous speech of the day

Bill Clinton, speaking at a fundraiser for Barack Obama, brings up the fact that he sent four surplus budgets – as if that’s supposed to make us believe that Obama is a fiscal conservative.

The problem with that is two-fold.

First, Obama is not Clinton.  Obama has been anything but a fiscal conservative, exploding the national debt to nightmarish proportions, then blaming it all on the previous administration.  That is disingenuous.

Second, Republicans were in charge of the House then.  I understand that they are now as well, but they were not for Obama’s first two years (nor the prior two).  The explosion in spending was a direct result of the change in control in the House.

If Obama would send a surplus budget to the House, I’m sure it would pass.  But as it stands, when he actually has sent a budget, he hasn’t been able to get a single Democrat to vote for it, let alone a Republican.  If the members of your own party won’t vote for your budget, how realistic is it?

For Clinton to get up there and try to connect his accomplishments to Obama, well, I am at a loss.  Could he possibly believe that Obama is the answer?  I can’t imagine he believes that.