“Hollywood Liberalism” – the worst kind of mental disorder

Sadly, there are a great many people in our nation that lack even a basic understanding of how our government is intended to function.  Many of these people, lacking any real education or skills, go on to become actors and actresses.  Today’s example is Amanda Bynes, a beautiful girl without much upstairs.

On Tuesday, she was charged with a DUI.

Her side of the story? She claims she doesn’t drink.

OK. That’s a reasonable statement. But if that’s the case, why would she have refused a breathalyzer test? Innocent people have nothing to hide.

But let’s assume she doesn’t drink, and this is all a misunderstanding.  Fine. Whatever.  That’s not really the point here.  The real point is that in response to her arrest, she tweeted to President Obama, “Please fire the cop who arrested me.”

I certainly hope that if she is being serious, that she doesn’t represent the intelligence of most Americans her age (26).

The President not only does not have the power to hire and fire local police, but to expect the President to take a direct interest in local affairs is absurd.  That’s not his job.

I know that this President does cross that line on occasion. But that is only when the story pertains to issues of race, such as Skip Gates or Trayvon Martin.  What does he care about a white girl’s DUI?