Evil Exposed

This has been a rough few days for the Progressive movement, and it has exposed the sinister side of what they have in-store for America and the World.

Bengahzi, IRS, and the AP scandals all point to an administration that doesn’t care about the Constitution – they only care about power and controlling their message to keep that power.  The AP scandal in particular indicates that the administration is happy when the media is enamored with them, but push too hard on certain issues and we’ll come looking for you.

It’s Chicago-style politics at its finest – basic thuggery, with the Unions as the jack-booted stormtroopers.

People wanted to believe that their liberal hero was squeaky-clean, but if they are listening and paying attention, they are learning that he is anything but.  He’s a smooth talker, but he’s still a scorpion.  And a scorpion will sting you at some point.

And then there’s Kermit Gosnell.  The guilty verdict in this case exposes the pure evil of the abortion industry that the liberals are so bent on protecting.

If the baby (and these were babies) is born alive and killed on the table, what is the difference between that and pulling out all but its head and then crushing its head in utero? While I’m happy with the guilty verdict, I’m not sure that society at large (and certainly not Progressives, Feminists, and other Pols) are willing to allow their sacred cow to be taken down.

This case shines light on the fact that you are being lied to.  Ethically, there is no difference between the two procedures described above.  But the dividing line is currently 21 weeks of pregnancy.  If the difference between legal late term abortion and murder is less than 12 inches, what is the difference between 11:59 and midnight from 20 weeks to 21?  And it unravels from there.

The truth is out there.  And we are getting to see it, if only for a short while.  If the Progressives win this argument in the media and get back on message, you can rest assured that we will see a future of population control (legalized euthanasia/murder), government spying, and totalitarian tactics when they don’t get their way.

In other words, evil has been exposed.