Media Matters running interference on Benghazi

Media Matters had this on their blog today: CNN: Media Outlets Misrepresented White House Benghazi Email

So here’s a question.  Why on earth would anyone trust the opinion of Media Matters when it comes to the ongoing investigation of what transpired in Benghazi?

Are you with me?

At minimum, Hillary Clinton advised Media Matters as a consultant in its founding:

Former chief of staff to president Bill Clinton John Podesta provided office space for Media Matters early in its formation at the Center for American Progress, a Democratic think tank that he had created in 2002.  Hillary Clinton advised Media Matters in its early stages out of a belief that progressives should follow conservatives in forming think tanks and advocacy groups to support their political goals.


At worst, it’s a front group for Progressives, specifically Hillary Clinton, to take down critics in the media:

Sounds like the junior senator confirmed my contention from Sunday: “Hillary and her backers have created an advocacy network whose expressed goal is to take down all of her critics in the media.

Even though the truth could be somewhere in the middle, neither of those make Media Matters an unbiased opinion on Benghazi, especially if Clinton still has eyes on the White House in 2016 (which I have no doubt she does).