The IRS scandal with some Nixonian perspective

Scott Johnson over at Power Line has a great write up relative to the IRS scandal.  Nixon’s IRS is a must read.  It puts some historical perspective on the current scandal with the IRS.

At this point, we don’t know who exactly was involved with the current scandal.  But it is appearing that not only was there harassment and intimidation, there also seems to be an attempt to gain specific information on who these groups’ donors were.  Was that an attempt to build an enemies list?  Possibly for retaliation or even intimidation in order to influence an election?

We don’t know yet where this goes, but if it goes as high as anyone in the White House (and it is starting to appear possible), then this truly a scandal of Watergate proportions.

Scandalpalooza bonus – What if the Obama Scandals Had Surfaced Last Fall? John Hinderaker writes a compelling argument that due to Obama’s ability to turn out low-information voters, one scandal breaking might not have made a difference; but three at once?  Who knows?  But the result of what did happen gives us an analogy to 1972.