The day after the day after and it has already gone downhill

Here we are after only one day of basking the glow of the removal of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader and things are already less than stellar.  

Reid was one of the most obstructionist members of Congress, serving as a patsy for the White House so that Obama would not be faced with having to veto good bills. He spent his time calling Republicans every nasty name in the book and calling the Tea Party a bunch of racist anti-government extremists.

Although it is a joy to see him gone from a legislative agenda setting role, I fear that the replacement is the equivalent of Harry Reid Lite.

Mitch McConnell is already saying that “The American people have spoken. They’ve given us divided government. When the American people chose divided government, I don’t think it means they don’t want us to do anything. I think it means they want us to look for areas of agreement.”

That, to me, sounds like he is listening to the President, who just a few weeks ago was telling us that this election was a referendum on his policies (which it was), but now that he has achieved an historical defeat, his tone has changed to say that the message is that the American people want us to work together.

No Mr. President and Mr. Senate Majority Leader Elect, the American people spoke loud and clear – the agenda of this White House has been rejected.  You are now expected to carry out a conservative agenda in Congress, and if that means reigning in the White House, so be it.