Don’t Fall for the Religious Test Trap

With President Obama trumpeting his condescending professorial tone saying that it is “shameful” for us to only allow Christian Syrian refugees into the country, there is an equally loud response from the conservative side of the aisle telling us how dumb he is for not knowing that a religious test is required by U.S. Code 1158 (asylum) and 1101 (definition of refugee). Except that they’re creating a logical fallacy.  

Should Obama be calling this shameful? Of course not. I can’t stand his condescending and arrogant tone toward anyone who dare disagree with him. For someone who is so lauded by people as being such a great speaker, he really is a bore to listen to because most of his speeches involve telling you how ignorant you are if you have a differing point of view.

But that doesn’t make the other side right.

A religious test is not REQUIRED.  It is merely one of the possible criteria.

Remember, most of the people fleeing Syria are fleeing the same thing – a civil war.  Keep in mind this is a civil war that the United States is condoning and backing and becoming increasingly more involved in.  ISIS is a fly in the ointment for this proxy war between the US and Russia.

“Bbbbbut one of the terrorists in France had a Syrian passport!”

Do you think that terrorists care about their legal documents?  They only do that when they want you to think they are from a certain location.

And even if it were true, that this terrorist came in unawares; why would they bother to do that in the United States?

It is FAR more difficult to apply for asylum when you could just walk across the border, either north or south.  Obtaining a passport from any other country – specifically a country with reciprocity in terms of visa requirements – would allow a terrorist to slip in and just overstay their visa.  They don’t need to go through the paperwork of gaining asylum to get here.

We should be using this opportunity to discuss border security, not sparring with a lame duck President.  We should be pointing out the obvious – that terrorists need not bother with the onerous process of requesting asylum in the United States when they can already trot across the border without all that hassle.  We should be focused on the message that Europe is now beginning to understand – that you can’t secure your homeland and protect your country when you don’t enforce your laws and protect your sovereign borders.

Should Obama open the flood gates for refugees?  Of course not.  But we’re taking our eye off the ball by letting him draw us into an argument that makes us look “shameful.”  You can’t control the message when you are constantly on defense.