Hillary unveils plan to stop the spread of ISIS

The headline really should read, Hillary describes dream of stopping ISIS – because that’s what it is – a dream.

Stumping in Minneapolis, Clinton unveiled her “strategy” to beat ISIS, and while doing so, tried desperately to sound like she knows what she’s doing. 

“Shallow slogans don’t add up to a strategy. Promising to carpet bomb until the desert glows doesn’t make you sound strong — it makes you sound like you’re in over your head,” Clinton said. “Bluster and bigotry are not credentials for becoming commander-in-chief.”

While “bluster and bigotry” certainly are not credentials for becoming CiF, I’d like to know then exactly what her credentials are.

This is a woman who really has no accomplishments to her credit.  She was the First Lady, she was a Senator with no major legislation to her credit, and she was Secretary of State with no major accomplishments (but a few really big flubs – Benghazi and the Russian “reset” come to mind).  So blasting potential opponents lack of credentials is fine – IF you actually have some credentials to back it up.

Clinton also called for stricter screenings for visa applicants who had been to a country in Islamic State-controlled areas in the last five years.

And then what?  You’ll let them in anyway?

Stricter screening is pretty much what the Republicans are calling for.  The difference is they won’t let them in if they don’t pass screening.  I’m not sure what Clinton’s plans are other than the equivalent of an erasable red line or a strongly worded letter.

She also called for American Muslims to be the core of our defense against home-grown terrorism.

“We must all stand up against offensive, inflammatory, hateful, anti-Muslim rhetoric,’ Clinton said. “These Americans might be our first, last and best defense against homegrown radicalization and terrorism.”

Listen – if American Muslims didn’t like what was happening, they’d be that first line of defense now.  They wouldn’t be waiting for President Clinton to ask them to do it.

While Clinton has sought to present tougher rhetoric on ISIS than Obama, she is also facing criticism from her left. Sen. Bernie Sanders, her top rival for the nomination, has charged that Clinton’s support for the War in Iraq, as well as for the toppling of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya, make her overly hawkish and too quick to intervene.

Bernie is right.  You can’t be both a Hawk and a Dove at the same time.  Hillary wants to have it all – she’s trying to “triangulate” like her husband so masterfully did.  Except Bill knew how to do it and when to do it.  I think Bill was a liar, a philanderer, and many other things, but he had a likability factor that allowed him to get away with it.  It was that likability that made him able to triangulate.  Hillary doesn’t have that so she just comes across as wishy-washy (unless of course you’ve already been drinking the koolaid).

This isn’t a strategy.  It’s a pipe dream.