Obama Gets Serious

President Obama has authored a guest post on the SCOTUSblog and indicated that Supreme Court nominations are a responsibility he takes seriously.  

Not to get off track too quickly, but does that infer that he doesn’t take other responsibilites of the president seriously?  If so, which ones?  Perhaps national security and foreign policy.

Ultimately, what he is looking for boils down to this:

A sterling record.  A deep respect for the judiciary’s role.  An understanding of the way the world really works.  That’s what I’m considering as I fulfill my constitutional duty to appoint a judge to our highest court.

In other words, Obama seeks a nominee that is all the things that he is not.

On a very serious note, if you read the entire post, it appears that on the surface we probably agree a great deal on what a Supreme Court Justice should be.

Unfortunately, the country has been burned more than once and remains deeply scarred by a president who can often sound centrist and non-partisan, yet when it comes to actual implementation and execution turns far, far, far to the left and seeks to marginalize all dissenting thought.