Gun Free Zones vs Armed Citizenry

A brief look at today’s top headlines provided a glaring disparity between those who live life expecting the government to protect them and those who choose to be armed.  

One of these stories ended as it should.  The other in tragedy.  One of these homes was not armed (a gun free zone).  The other armed.

I am in no way suggesting vigilantism, a return to the gun slinging Wild West, or anything of the sort.  But I am suggesting that the government and law enforcement cannot be preemptive; they can only be reactionary.  Your immediate personal safety and protection is up to you.

The current push toward more gun control only hurts people like the family in Mississippi while putting more people in the situation of the folks in Pittsburg.  Gun law violations are not slaps on the wrist.  Unlike parking violations and traffic tickets, they are misdemeanors and felonies.  So adding more laws, more controls, and more risk to gun ownership only affects the people that care about being on the right side of the law.  And those are the people who deserve to be able to protect themselves from the rest.