Obamas to skip Nancy Reagan funeral

Neither President Obama or the First Lady will attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

The President does have a scheduling conflict – he is speaking at the South by Southwest conference, he’s of a different party than Reagan was, and Presidents do not always attend the funerals of First Ladies.

But First Ladies do.

That is why the spotlight here should not be on Barack not attending, but Michelle.  She also is speaking at South by Southwest.  However, she is speaking days later.  I suspect she could find the time to attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral if she wanted to.

In speaking of Nancy Reagan, the Obamas wrote,

“Nancy Reagan once wrote that nothing could prepare you for living in the White House. She was right, of course. But we had a head start, because we were fortunate to benefit from her proud example, and her warm and generous advice.”

Evidently, Michelle’s “head start” wasn’t enough because she would know what she should be doing in this case.

But then, maybe she does know and doesn’t care.

UPDATE 3/11/16:

As it turns out, either the news media got it wrong or someone talked some sense into Michelle Obama.  She was there, along with representation from 10 White House families.