Chicago Teachers Union to Hold One Day Strike

One of the biggest communist front groups in America, the Chicago Teachers Union, will be holding a one day strike on April 1 to draw attention to their contract negotiations.

Led by one of the biggest pinkos on the planet, Karen Lewis, this is a group that has never missed an opportunity to use thuggery and blackmail against the city it supposedly serves in order to further its own purpose.  And it should be evident that members of the union do not care about the children as they would have you believe.  They only care about themselves and their ability to maintain control over the people of Chicago.

CTU has not missed an opportunity to strike when they fail to reach a contract.  This happens quite frequently.  So really, what is the purpose of this spectacle?

They say to raise awareness.

I say otherwise.  Clearly, we all know that if they fail to reach a contract they will strike.  They’ve done it many times before.  Anyone with a student in CPS is painfully aware of that.  So if your objective is to remind people of that, all you have to do is tell them.  They already believe you.

Instead, they have postured themselves to say that you can expect them to walk away from the bargaining table and strike come the end of the current contract.  This one day walk out is nothing more than a preview of what they will be doing very soon.

This is more about the fact that Karen Lewis hates the mayor with a passion.  It’s not about the students, the parents, the schools, or the teachers.  This is Karen Lewis flexing her muscles in the general direction of Rahm Emanuel as if to say, “Bring it.”

I’m no big fan of Rahm either, but I would love nothing more than to see him fire every last union member and start CPS over with people who actually care about their craft.