Obama calls Iran deal a model for nuclear diplomacy

With relative frequency it seems that the President either is incredibly naive, foolish, and/or incompetent, or he knows his statement is bogus but figures that if he says it out loud people will believe it.

Obama hails Iran deal as a model for nuclear diplomacy 


As we’ve written about several times, Iran has continued to flaunt this deal without concern for consequences that are likely a strongly worded letter.

When Iran launches a nuclear missile at Israel or Europe (or worse), he’ll probably blame whoever his successor is (or George Bush – or both).

He further stated that we need to keep nuclear material out of the hands of “madmen.” Ironically, what he says and what he does don’t lead to the same end result. He’s probably made it easier for ISIS to gain access to nuclear material. He certainly made it easier for North Korea and Iran to continue their progress toward a nuclear device.

Vladimir Putin boycotted Obama’s nuclear summit as a result of our policy in Syria. Who do you think stands to gain from helping Iran and North Korea along here? Russia is already making profitable arms sales of arms sales to Iran, and we’re not talking AK-47s here.  We’re talking about tanks and submarines.

If Obama considers his deal with Iran a model of success, I would hate to see what he considers abject failure.