An oldie but a goodie

To call Melissa Harris-Perry a Liberal is an insult to Liberals. To anyone who has seen her, it’s easy to walk away with the feeling that she is completely irrational.  And you would be right.

I know this clip is about 6 months old at this point, but I happened to stumble across it today researching some other stories and I simply had to post some comments about it.

This is absolutely absurd. Her rant about the term “hard worker” is not even remotely rational. This is clearly someone with such a large chip on her shoulder that she has to inject it into a conversation that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what she is talking about.

I have seen her have meltdowns on other things that are just as insane. Yet MSNBC gave her a platform. It’s no wonder that they showed her the door since her claim of journalistic integrity is marginal at best.

The fact that there were students influenced by her at University of Chicago and Princeton is scary for the future of America.

Interesting and timely update:

It seems that Elle was willing to pick up Harris-Perry as a writer/columnist/editor.  Since the kerfuffle at MSNBC was over editorial control and journalistic integrity of her show, I find her choice to join Elle a little ironic.  Magazine/web site – sure; but Elle?  As far as news and editorial content goes, it’s not exactly The Economist or the New York Times.  She says she’ll be covering race and gender issues.  I wouldn’t expect anything less since she’s a person that finds sexism and racism in everything.