Gun free zone UCLA the location of the latest shooting

Once again, a public (and possibly “mass”) shooting has occurred in a “gun free zone,” the UCLA campus.

When will we realize the madness of “gun free zones.” These are nothing more than publicized “unarmed target zones.”  

We all know the argument – law abiding gun owners generally follow the law (and if they don’t, they are no longer “law abiding”).  Criminals or those intent on doing harm to others do not.

So why do we continue to restrict the law abiding gun owners who have gone through the work (and background checks) to obtain a gun and a license to carry it from entering these areas when they are armed?

The UCLA Campus Police web site reminds people that UCLA is established as a gun free zone and it is a felony crime to carry a loaded firearm onto the grounds.

California Penal Code 626.9(h) Gun Free School Zone
Any person who brings a loaded firearm upon the grounds of a University of California campus without written permission is subject to arrest and prosecution for a felony crime.

Guess what else is a crime?  Shooting some one.

Do we need an extra law that only serves to (1) trample the rights of students and citizens to self protection under the 2nd Amendment and (2) will most certainly be ignored by those already intent on doing harm?

After police lock-down for about two hours, the campus is now “safe” according to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck.

Of course, “safe” is a relative term.

Let’s have an honest debate in this country.  A gun free zone is nothing more than a place where a gun-toting criminal can find a slew of unarmed victims.