Bill Clinton knows his guns – not.

Bill Clinton wants you to believe that more guns wouldn’t have prevented the massacre in Orlando at Pulse nightclub.  He would like you to think that armed opposition would have resulted in more casualties not less.  

And he’s using this opportunity to call for a new assault weapons ban. (Emphasis mine.)

“But if you look at what happened with these big weapons at Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado, most recently in Orlando and San Bernardino, it’s pretty clear that if you’re firing a lot of weapons — a lot of ammunition — in a short amount of time with a weapon that’s designed only to kill, more people will die than if you’re stuck with a pistol,” he said. “If the guy had just had a pistol in that nightclub, I don’t think anybody believes he could possibly have killed 49 people.”


The Virginia Tech shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people and wounded another 17 armed with a Glock 19 and a Walther P22.

The Glock 19 is a 9mm with a capacity of 15 rounds.  The Walther P22 is a .22 caliber with a 10 round capacity.

If you dropped Seung-Hui Cho into a packed night club of unarmed patrons with the same two weapons, he could probably have easily killed the same amount or more.

While I don’t know if Clinton is right about more guns not preventing the shooting, I do know one thing – less guns (or an assault weapons ban) wouldn’t make much difference either.

Gun control is all the left has, so they pound it every chance they get.  It allows them to avoid the real issue which is how to combat radical terrorists.

Al-Qaeda’s calling card was the spectacular strike.  ISIS, however, has learned the West’s true vulnerability. A free society simply can’t police everyone at once.

And so progressives are left with gun control as a unifying argument. They can’t resolve the irresolvable tension between championing Islam while also championing LGBT rights, so they punt. They lash out at the familiar bogeymen on the right. But terrorists don’t care. NRA or no NRA, they’ll keep trying to kill Americans, and they’ll keep succeeding until we finally wake up and realize that guns aren’t the enemy — jihadists are.

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