Joe Manchin and No Fly No Buy Stand in Opposition to What America is About

This isn’t about “gun control” so much as it is about just “control.” It’s about a process that is so secretive that not a single senator could “state the criteria for putting a name on that list, and none could identify the people who prepare or keep the list.” A decade ago this would have been the kind of thing that was only talked about by the tin-foil hat and black helicopter crowd. Sadly, today it is very real.

Don’t be fooled by Joe Manchin being photographed with a gun in his hands.  He’d like you to think he supports the 2nd Amendment, but the truth is, he despises the Constitution.  If he cared one iota, he would never have said due process “is killing us.”

He says he’ll stand up to the NRA, as if the NRA is some nefarious lobbying group that wants to destroy America.  Never mind that the NRA is made up of five million American citizens who believe in the fundamentals of liberty.  Many of those members are active duty and retired military and law enforcement – the very people that we cheer and honor on holidays.

Terrorists will always find other means of committing violent acts of terror. Meanwhile, No Fly, No Buy doesn’t address the problem; and worse yet, it actually allows them to use our own laws against us.

“Due process—the absolute right to know the law and to force the government to prove a violation of it to a jury before it can take life, liberty or property—is the essence of the rights of free people. It is utterly scandalous—and probably disqualifying from office—that [Sen. Joe Manchin] could bemoan its existence.” – No Fly, No Buy Means No Freedom

There has never been a more important time in recent memory to stand up and be counted.