Video from Keith Scott shooting clearly shows the gun

The family of Keith Scott released his wife’s cell phone video to the public in order to force the Charolette police department to release their video of the incident.  They also claim that is shows that he was unarmed.

I’ve reviewed the video and it appears that the opposite is true.  The video appears to show the gun on the ground.  

The officer in red completely to the right of Keith Scott casts a shadow on the ground that obscures it in some of the video.  But when he moves, you can see an item on the ground – and it does not look like a book.

What I’ve seen (and I’ll be blowing up and slow-moing the video this weekend) looks like a gun, that it is kicked toward him.  He then picks it up and clears the weapon (the act of making sure the weapon is unloaded and safe).  He either lets the magazine fall to the ground or the gun itself.  Then the officer next to him bends over, picks up whatever it is (either the gun or magazine) and appears to place it in an evidence bag.

First, the officer in red moves and his shadow no longer obscures the gun:


The officer next to him kick-slides the gun to the officer in red who traps it with his foot:


He then clears the weapon:


And returns it to the ground:


The second officer bends over to retrieve it and places it in an evidence bag: