Adding Insult to Injury

Hillary called Trump supporters “deplorables.”  Obama called Americans “lazy” and indicated they are generally uneducated about the world.

Now, Bill Clinton suggests that Americans are a bunch of cry babies when he said that he told Hillary to “be the grown up in the room.”

Why the hell would anyone vote for these people?  

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with one side or the other, when you are running for President of the United States, shouldn’t you show respect to all citizens; not just the ones who are members of your party?

You want to throw mud at your opponent?  Fine.  People expect it.  But insulting the electorate is an automatic disqualifier.

Leave insulting the opposition group to the people.  If a non-elected citizen who is a Democrat calls Republican names, so be it.  Conservatives are certainly guilty of the same.

But there is no room for candidates to make those suggestions.  And sadly, some of these comments are of a more general nature (Obama and Bill Clinton) rather than party specific.  This should tell you what they think of you.

If this is how they talk about you – the citizenry of the nation – how do you think they talk about you behind closed doors?