The Facts in the Keith Scott Case Speak Volumes

Once again, as the truth comes out, we find that all these protests over what would appear to be the killing of an innocent black man minding his own business turn out to be picking a subject that isn’t so squeaky clean after all.

Time and again, this happens.  In Charlotte, with Keith Scott, we get the grieving widow who tells us he was unarmed and was just reading a book.  As if to paint a picture of a law abiding citizen who was gunned down for no reason by a bunch of racist white cops.  

But as the facts come out, we find nothing could be further from the truth.  We now know more facts such as the following:

He had a gun

38c32d3700000578-3808803-image-a-10_1474931251659As already discussed on this blog, we knew from Scott’s wife’s video that there was a gun at the scene.  Now the Charlotte police have released the evidence photos we know that he had a .380 auto at the scene.  Not only that, it turns out this gun was stolen (not by Scott himself, but the person who sold it to him).

So for all the chanting of “hand up, don’t shoot” and the claims that this was an unarmed man just reading a book while waiting to pick up his kid from school doesn’t jibe with the evidence.

It was illegal for Scott to have a gun

So the unarmed book reader wasn’t allowed to have a gun.  So Eugene Robinson’s claim that somehow gun rights are for whites only and that because North Carolina is an open carry state, Keith Scott had every right to have a gun – Wrong!

The NRA doesn’t stand up for the rights of criminal thugs.  It stands up for the rights of law abiding gun owners (white, black, or otherwise).

Let’s look at the facts:

  • Scott severed 8 years in Texas for evading arrest and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  That makes him a convicted felon, and it is unlawful for him to carry a gun.
  • Scott’s wife had filed a restraining order against him last fall for domestic violence.
  • An ankle holster was recovered at the scene.  Just having an ankle holster doesn’t make you a criminal, but it sounds like we have a convicted felon with a restraining order against him who carried a concealed weapon that had been stolen.  That makes several felony charges against him.

North Carolina requires background checks for private sales of handguns.  Since Scott couldn’t possibly have passed a background check for the aforementioned reasons, it stands to reason that he violated this statue as well.


These are not reasons to justify the killing of Keith Scott.  If deadly force can be avoided, by all means it should be.

This is merely to point out the evidence that Keith Scott was not only armed; he has, at least in the past, been a dangerous man and was in illegal possession of a gun he had no right to carry.

It is clear from the video evidence that the police involved saw a weapon in his hand.  It is also clear that he did not obey commands to drop the weapon.  So in this case, like so many others, the victim acted in a way that specifically led to their death by not cooperating with authorities.