When Emotion Takes Over, Logic and Reason Are the Victims

One thing is for certain; cities with urban poverty, blight, and violence have been subjected to progressive democrat policies and leadership for decades (and in some cases, a century).  So when the left tries to paint conservationism as racist, it just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Case in point, the “protests” in Charlotte, NC and the calling for Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Police Chief Kerr Putney to resign.  

I listened to some of the comments made at the city council meeting and honestly the inability to reason on the part of most speakers defies logic.

Here you have a city with a Democrat trifecta – a Democrat mayor who is also a woman, and a black police chief.

One lady asked about diversity training in the police department.  Need we point out to her and others that the police officer who shot and killed Keith Scott was also a black man?  Additionally, as I have written previously, the data just does not hold up to scrutiny that black men are being gunned down in the streets by white police.

I read an editorial claiming that gun rights are a white privilege and not equally respected when it comes to people of color.  I’ve watched the videos and I’ve reviewed the available evidence and it appears clear that Scott did not follow police commands.  When you do not obey the commands of police, you are a perceived threat.  Regardless of whether you’ve done anything wrong or not, when guns are drawn, the best thing you can do in the moment is obey.  Worry about who’s right and wrong later.

One thing is certain – the people who write about the NRA only protecting the gun rights of whites and suggesting that gun rights only apply to whites either do not own guns or they have never received any formal training with guns.

I’ve been through one of the most rigorous concealed carry requirements in the nation.  Part of that training involves a significant portion of covering what is legal and what is not.  In every case and scenario discussed when dealing with police it was clear that you are to allow the police to lead.

In our state, concealed carry is tied to your vehicle registration.  So when you are pulled over, the officer already knows there is the possibility that you may be armed.  It was made clear in training what to do – and it was not flaunt your right to carry.  Instead it was hands ten-and-two, inform the officer of the presence of your weapon, and then ask the officer how he would like to handle it.

More often than not, this will mean the officer will disarm you; likely prior to getting your license and registration.  You do not reach for anything – your wallet or otherwise.  Had Philando Castile followed this kind of protocol, he would likely be alive.

So when guns are drawn on you by police, as was the case in the Scott incident, you do what they ask.  If you have a weapon, you drop it.  You don’t reach for anything, you don’t go back to your car.  You do nothing other than what they ask you to do until directed otherwise.

And guess what – none of that instruction involved discussion of your color.  It involved discussion of being armed in the presence of police and how that changes everything.  So claiming the North Carolina is an open carry state and Scott’s right to carry a weapon ends when the police told him to drop the weapon.  It boggles my mind how people have no ability to understand that – if you have a drawn weapon in the presence of police your day is likely going to end badly.


Video from Keith Scott shooting clearly shows the gun