Understanding the American Process

I’m amazed at how little understanding there is in America of our process and our history. And part of why our system has some problems specific to a political class usurping power from the people is because we have a people that don’t understand the process and don’t participate fully or appropriately in the process.

The Protests

I get it – you don’t like the outcome of the election. That’s fine. There’s a process to fix that. It’s called a Presidential Election and it will be on Nov 3, 2020. If you want to protest, fine. That is your right. But it is not your right to disrupt traffic, break things, burn things, and otherwise create a disturbance.

It’s OK to disagree with the outcome of elections. That’s America – we’re not all the same, we don’t all think the same. It’s who we are. Our people is one thing that makes us great. But the other thing that makes us great is our process. Learn what the process is, participate in it, and don’t abuse it.

Understand the First Amendment, what it means, and what its purpose is. If you are a disruptive protester, go to back of the class. No – scratch that – sit in the front of the class and try to actually learn something.

The Electoral College

Listen up – it’s not archaic and it’s not outdated. It serves the very purpose for which it was intended. The President was never intended to be elected by popular vote. The country had regional differences then and it still does. The smaller states had concerns about being steamrolled by the larger states. The EC was put in place to protect against a populous region controlling the Presidency.

It’s funny how the winds shift on this issue based on outcomes.  In 2012 the very liberal Slate published an article supporting the Electoral College. Trust me, if you’re on the side of not liking it now, there will likely come a time when you’re on the other side and you’ll be glad for it. The President is not an all-powerful king and if you don’t like him/her, there is a fix for that. It’s called a Presidential Election and it will be on Nov 3, 2020.

Changing the Process Breaks the System

Why do you have a broken Congress? Because you changed the process. Senators used to be appointed, now they are elected. As elected officials, they serve the same purpose as the House. So you’ve got two houses of Congress that are largely the same, and that doesn’t work as intended. The Electoral College is the same thing. If you change it, you will break it.

There’s an interesting aside here – do you notice now how our federal government was intended to be put in place? It’s not all simply a popularity contest. Some are elected directly (the House), some were appointed (the Senate), and some elected by representation (the President through electors). Finally, others were appointed through the people in that process (the Supreme Court).

A populous process for all members of government would simply allow for majority rule. Do you really want majority rule? Remember, another term for majority rule is mob rule.

A System Better Than Any Other

There’s a special group of objectors out there – those who complain about Hillary winning the popular vote AND suggesting moving to Canada.  These people deserve an extra helping of shut up sauce.  Canada’s presidential equivalent – the Prime Minister – is nothing more than what our Speaker of the House is.   That’s not a leader elected by popular vote either now is it?  Similarly, they have a two house legislature, one of which is appointed; only one is elected by the people.  How great is your thought of moving to Canada now?

I can’t decide if this is a result of government education, or if the Millennial Generation is just so completely self absorbed and coddled that they completely wasted any opportunity at an education.  We have a population that is brilliant at math and science, but they can’t craft a coherent argument without saying “like” a hundred times while snapping selfies.

It’s sad really.  Smart does not equal wise.  Intelligent does not equal discerning.  They all hold in their hand a device that has access to all the knowledge available to mankind since the beginning of time and they use it to post selfies and pictures of cats.