2016 Recount Efforts

The call for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by the Stein campaign (and now Clinton campaign) is no more than a side show at this point.  

What I find interesting is the premise of a need for a recount.  It stems from comments made by some “computer experts” who have suggested anomalies when comparing certain results.

In Wisconsin, they found that Clinton performed better in counties where there were paper ballots versus those that used digital machines.  Their conclusion is that this may suggest hacking to improve the result for Trump in those counties with machines.

Take a moment and think about this.

If in fact Democrats have rigged elections in the past (and I’m not suggesting that they have or they have not – just providing a “for instance” here), how were they likely to pull that off?  Certainly not by computer hacking – voting machines are still relatively new compared to the history of our voting system.

So I would suggest that the anomalies could just as easily point to fraud in the paper ballot counties stuffing the paper with Clinton votes just as much as the other way around.

Of course this possibility isn’t being discussed AT ALL in the media because that would not play to the correct narrative – one of “hope” that we might see the results of the election overturned.

But to rig an election on a national scale would be quite a feat.  If the accepted general wisdom is that Trump’s campaign didn’t know what they were doing, how on God’s green earth would it be even remotely possible for them to rig an entire state, let alone more than one?!?  The entire premise is absurd beyond belief.

This is very, very dangerous territory.

For the election to be overturned in favor of Hillary Clinton, these recounts would have to reverse the outcome in ALL THREE states – Wisconsin, Michigan AND Pennsylvania.  Any combination of two of those still leaves Trump with 270 or more electoral college votes.  And seeing a reversal in all three of these states would not only be unprecedented, the likelihood seems absurd beyond belief.

So the question is, when will they accept the outcome as valid?

Think about the razor thin margin of the 2000 election.  Democrats hoped beyond hope to overturn the results of a single state – Florida.  And in the end, in every recount (there were more than one), the state went to Bush.  The Supreme Court needed to put a stop to it because they kept recounting and recounting.  At some point you have to accept the outcome as valid.

If we were to see the unprecedented happen – an overturning of the results in WI, MI, and PA – I shudder to think what that would do to the integrity of our system.  It would certainly be considered that the Democrats used the recount to cheat the system and overturn the result.

Would that result in violent protest?  Possibly.  A need for martial law?  Another possibility.

I don’t even want to think about that.