South China Sea Developments

While America is distracted by an election recount initiated by a candidate who garnered less than 1% of the vote, China is busy building its sovereignty over the disputed South China Sea by testing a new hypersonic missile.

‘This is a big deal,’ wrote Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer.

‘This missile would easily outrange any American (or other NATO) air-to-air missile.’

‘Reports are that the size would put into the category of a very long range air to air missile (VLRAAM) with ranges exceeding 300 km (roughly 186 miles), likely max out between 250 and 310 miles.’

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Both the American public and the American media have generally been ignoring the growing threat. Yet it is heating up to be America’s future battle front.

The US is intending to move 60% of it’s fleet to the region by 2020. Vietnam, who claims more reefs than any other nation in the region, recently announced plans to lengthen a runway on one of their islands (a move to allow for military aircraft), the Philippines has announce it will build a large seaport on Thitu Island (a move condemned by China), and China has opened Sansha City on Woody Island to international business to further its claims over the region.

While America is asleep, our enemies are not only awake, but actively working against our interests and our allies.

Map of activities in the South China Sea