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Chkalovsk Naval Airbase Improvements antipinko December 15, 2016

Kaliningrad Chkalovsk is a naval air base in Chkalovsk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia located 9 km northwest of Kaliningrad and is home to 846 OMSHAP (846th Independent Naval Shturmovik Aviation Regiment).  

The base is home to:

  • Guard Assault Air Squadron. : 7045th. AF Bdge. (Chkalovsk) equipped with Su-24MR & 27P fighter Bombers.
  • Guard Helicopter Air Squadron. : 7045th. AF Bdge. (Chkalovsk) eqipped with MIg-8 and principally x20 Mig-24 helicopters

Between 2012 and 2016, the airbase has undergone significant improvement/expansion. The entire runway has been resurfaced and staging areas for combat aircraft have been enlarged.

Move the slider in the image below to see the changes.


In addition to the improvements of the airfield at Chkalovsk, it appears there has been expansion of munitions bunkers as well.  Just to the west of the airfield, you can see the following munitions bunker expansion:



Speaking of development of infrastructure, [Major General Igor Kozhin] said that Severomorsk-1 (Northern Fleet) and Chkalovsk (Kaliningrad) airfields would be put into service.

– From the article “In 2015 Russian navy will take delivery of more than 20 MiG-29K jets