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Questioning Intelligence in Yemen Raid antipinko February 2, 2017

When Trump questioned US intelligence over the Russian election hacking (non)scandal, the media and political talking heads went ballistic. How dare he question the material reports by our intelligence agencies.

But in his first ordered military operation, which evidently was in the works from intelligence gathered during the Obama administration, now it’s OK for everyone except the President to question the intelligence.  

The media and know-it-alls always have the benefit of hindsight.  The President unfortunately does not have that luxury when making decisions on national security.

The first military operation ordered by President Trump may have resulted in as many as 30 civilian deaths and the killing of an American commando, according to several reports questioning the intelligence behind the raid in Yemen.

U.S. military officials told Reuters that the operation was approved without sufficient intelligence, ground support or adequate backup operations.

U.S. Navy Seal William “Ryan” Owens died in the raid, along with 14 militants. President Trump flew to Dover Air Base in Delaware on Wednesday to visit with Owens’s family.

Trump approved the early Sunday morning raid, but it had been being prepared under the Obama administration for months…

But the civilian deaths and U.S. casualties have raised questions about whether enough questions were asked by Trump before he ordered the raid, as well as about the months of planning that went into the operation.

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