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Trump’s Wiretapping Allegations – What the Media Is Missing antipinko March 6, 2017

Everyone is talking about the President’s wiretapping allegations.  If you haven’t heard about it, then you likely live in a cave somewhere.

It goes like this – President Trump in a tweet accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. In the aftermath of the tweet, the media and members of government called the claims baseless and without evidence. Then the media frenzy began:  

Why would the President make such an allegation?

If Obama did in fact order a wiretap and a FISA court approved it, then it would indicate that Trump was under investigation for something possibly criminal.

Everyone is deny everything.

Here’s what NO ONE is talking about.

Why Would Trump Make Such a Claim?

Trump is no fool.  He may shoot off tweets in the middle of the night without thinking through the implications of unfiltered information.  But in my mind he certainly would have to have some reason to tweet this.  He didn’t just draw it out of the blue.

So What Was The Catalyst?

If he didn’t draw it out of the blue, if there was in fact something discovered, think about that.  How would this have come to light?

Obviously, Trump’s people were oblivious.  If Trump Tower was bugged (and I believe that it was) during the election and Trump’s people missed it, then who found it?

Now that he’s President, the level of Secret Service protection escalates from what he had during the campaign.  Now everything becomes more about national security than just about personal protection.

I believe that the Secret Service uncovered something during the process of making sure that Trump Tower was a secure location for the President to conduct business.

That’s the only plausible explanation that fits what little we know at present.

What Ties it to Obama?

Comey is denying allegations.  The White House is insisting that he’s lying.  How would they know he’s lying? What basis would they have for that?

If it was in fact something uncovered by the Secret Service, they would have a pretty good idea where it came from – FBI, NSA, CIA, a foreign government, a private individual or corporation, etc.

They know Trump Tower was wiretapped.  They know who did it.

Was Trump Being Investigated?

At this point, I believe that Trump’s allegations are correct.  And I believe that Comey knows something.  What isn’t known is why.

Was Trump being investigated for something?  Or were they just trying to dig up dirt on him to take him down – either during the election or later?

That’s the real question, and here are my thoughts.

While it’s possible that there was an investigation, I don’t think that’s the case.  I believe this was an illegal wiretap trying to dig up something.

Currently, no information has come out that there was a FISA court approval of a wiretap.  If he was under investigation, there would be.

Obviously, investigations, especially if ongoing, are secret.  No one is going to come out and say, “Hold everything. He was under investigation and that’s why we had a FISA court approved wiretap.”

But if Comey knew something about that, while he wouldn’t say specifically that there was an investigation, he certainly would not have been as blunt as saying no.

So if it turns out there was no FISA court approval, that means it was intended to bug the Trump campaign looking for political ammunition – Watergate.

Will this connect to Obama?  Unlikely.  Obama is no fool and if this was in fact perpetuated by the previous administration, it would have been planned out to keep the President disconnected from it.  Remember, Watergate never specifically connect directly to the President.  Soldiers fell on their swords for their general – it will happen again.

Or… perhaps this is all a late night tweet storm based on Trump reading Breitbart.