This site is a personal blog of politically focused editorial content.  The purpose of my editorials is to expose what I believe to be the ultimate goal of the political left – to desensitize you into willingly handing over your country (and your freedoms) to usher in a socialist utopia.

I will do my best to present the factual evidence when possible, and to declare my opinions as such.  However, I still recommend you do your own homework. The Left easily preys on the uninformed.  Why do you think they deem it so important to drive the homeless to the polls, who would sell their vote for a meal?

If they discover this site, they will try to take my words out of context in an attempt to marginalize the message.  The success of such attacks are generally nullified when readers think for themselves.

Do I think that all members of the Left are part of some secret Cabal bent on world domination?  No.  But enough of the power elite have exposed themselves and their agenda for us to know their end game.

My objective is to focus on what is fact as much as possible.  If you disagree, that’s fine.  Feel free to debate, opposing views are welcomed.  But keep it to fact and not fiction.  If you resort to name-calling, you have lost the argument.  But at the end of the day, remember that it’s my site and my opinion and if you are offended, get over yourself.