Cam Rahn Airbase Expansion

Cam Rahn Airbase is part of the Cam Rahn Naval Base in Khanh Hoa Provice, Vietnam.  It was used by the US Air Force during the Vietnam War.  From 1979 to 2002, it was used by the Soviet/Russian Navy.  Russia resumed using the naval base in 2013 and the air base in 2014.   [Read more…]

US Increasing Presence in the South China Sea

The US will be increasing its presence in the South China Sea, with 60% of its fleet in the Asia Pacific region by 2020, increasing to 350 warships.  The US military has more troops in the Asia Pacific region than anywhere else, including the Middle East.   [Read more…]

South China Sea Developments

While America is distracted by an election recount initiated by a candidate who garnered less than 1% of the vote, China is busy building its sovereignty over the disputed South China Sea by testing a new hypersonic missile.
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2016 Recount Efforts

The call for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by the Stein campaign (and now Clinton campaign) is no more than a side show at this point.   [Read more…]

Not Going Down Without A Fight

The left leaning members of the mainstream media are still in a state of loss following the defeat of Hillary Clinton. But they are NOT going down without a fight.  If anything, the real fight is just beginning.   [Read more…]

Understanding the American Process

I’m amazed at how little understanding there is in America of our process and our history. And part of why our system has some problems specific to a political class usurping power from the people is because we have a people that don’t understand the process and don’t participate fully or appropriately in the process.

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The Facts in the Keith Scott Case Speak Volumes

Once again, as the truth comes out, we find that all these protests over what would appear to be the killing of an innocent black man minding his own business turn out to be picking a subject that isn’t so squeaky clean after all.

Time and again, this happens.  In Charlotte, with Keith Scott, we get the grieving widow who tells us he was unarmed and was just reading a book.  As if to paint a picture of a law abiding citizen who was gunned down for no reason by a bunch of racist white cops.   [Read more…]

When Emotion Takes Over, Logic and Reason Are the Victims

One thing is for certain; cities with urban poverty, blight, and violence have been subjected to progressive democrat policies and leadership for decades (and in some cases, a century).  So when the left tries to paint conservationism as racist, it just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Case in point, the “protests” in Charlotte, NC and the calling for Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Police Chief Kerr Putney to resign.   [Read more…]

Adding Insult to Injury

Hillary called Trump supporters “deplorables.”  Obama called Americans “lazy” and indicated they are generally uneducated about the world.

Now, Bill Clinton suggests that Americans are a bunch of cry babies when he said that he told Hillary to “be the grown up in the room.”

Why the hell would anyone vote for these people?   [Read more…]

Video from Keith Scott shooting clearly shows the gun

The family of Keith Scott released his wife’s cell phone video to the public in order to force the Charolette police department to release their video of the incident.  They also claim that is shows that he was unarmed.

I’ve reviewed the video and it appears that the opposite is true.  The video appears to show the gun on the ground.   [Read more…]