Evidence does not point to systemic racism

Whenever there is a police shooting of a black man, the Black Lives Matter movementbegin their chants of racial bias, racial profiling, and racism.  But the evidence points in different direction.   [Read more…]

The Insulter In Chief

For a long while, I tried to not despise Barack Obama.  Of course I disagreed strongly with his policy initiatives and the general direction that he wants to take the country.  But as a person, I felt that he believed he was doing what was right.  Yesterday, Obama did a great job of helping me get over that.  He’s often been referred to as the “Apologizer in Chief,” a reference to the fact that he generally apologizes for America when visiting foreign lands.  Well now he can add the title of “Insulter in Chief” to his list of titles.   [Read more…]

Ignorance on guns is no excuse

I grow weary of reading articles in the news written by people who have no clue what they are talking about.

Case in point, today’s Chicago Tribune article “Want to make America safe again? Ban assault rifles” written by Contact Reporter Dahleen Glanton.   [Read more…]

Joe Manchin and No Fly No Buy Stand in Opposition to What America is About

This isn’t about “gun control” so much as it is about just “control.” It’s about a process that is so secretive that not a single senator could “state the criteria for putting a name on that list, and none could identify the people who prepare or keep the list.” A decade ago this would have been the kind of thing that was only talked about by the tin-foil hat and black helicopter crowd. Sadly, today it is very real.
[Read more…]

Bill Clinton knows his guns – not.

Bill Clinton wants you to believe that more guns wouldn’t have prevented the massacre in Orlando at Pulse nightclub.  He would like you to think that armed opposition would have resulted in more casualties not less.   [Read more…]

Gun free zone UCLA the location of the latest shooting

Once again, a public (and possibly “mass”) shooting has occurred in a “gun free zone,” the UCLA campus.

When will we realize the madness of “gun free zones.” These are nothing more than publicized “unarmed target zones.”   [Read more…]

If this were a joke, I would be laughing. But it’s serious.

Melissa Harris-Perry Tells ‘Elle’ About Her Struggle For Justice At The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Her struggle for justice is for LGBT rights.  Never mind that Harris-Perry is straight.  But more on that later as this entire story is full of hypocritical doublespeak.   [Read more…]

Boots on the ground

Conservatives are gleefully pointing out the facts regarding State Department spokesman John Kirby’s heated exchange aboutObama’s use of the term “boots on the ground” in Syria.  Fact checkers are analyzing.  Even that liberal rag the USA Today took Obama to task with the article 16 times Obama said there would be no boots on the ground in Syria.   [Read more…]

An oldie but a goodie

To call Melissa Harris-Perry a Liberal is an insult to Liberals. To anyone who has seen her, it’s easy to walk away with the feeling that she is completely irrational.  And you would be right.

I know this clip is about 6 months old at this point, but I happened to stumble across it today researching some other stories and I simply had to post some comments about it. [Read more…]

Black Students at Ivy League University Feel Marginalized

Reading today how Princeton University has reached a compromise on Woodrow Wilson’s legacy at this elite institution takes me back a few months to the open letter that the Black Justice League published regarding their demands and how they felt that their freedom of speech as being repressed.   [Read more…]