The Sorry State of School Security

I am saddened by today’s news of the school shooting outside of Houston. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. I had written this post yesterday but had not yet published it. Today’s tragedy makes it more poignant.  Our children will not be protected by gun free zones, universal background checks, or assault weapon bans.  They will only be made safe by proper security plans designed by professionals.  Stop berating our national politicians and the NRA for something that can be fixed in and by your local school district.  We can fix it, but we have to fix it right.

With that said, here’s the post I wrote yesterday about what schools pass off as “security” today…   [Read more…]

How the Left Misleads On Tax Rates

The Left plays identity politics to gain and maintain power. Identity politics creates an “us versus them” mentality. One of the oldest versions of this is to pit the poor against the rich. The rich are rich because they cheat or get a better deal than you, and if we took from them you would be better off.

An easy way to do that is to play on ignorance.  Most people truly don’t understand taxes and how they work.  So it is easy to take a truthful statement and use it to play on this lack of knowledge in the area of taxes.  Take for example the following meme:   [Read more…]

Illinois Wants to Ban Assault Weapons

Illinois State Representative Martin J. Moylan has introduced legislation in the Illinois Assembly that would essentially ban “assault weapons.”  The problem is, Rep. Moylan doesn’t really have any qualified experience to tell you what defines an “assault weapon.”

For now, let’s set aside that fact that there is no such thing as an “assault weapon.”  It’s a made-up term for political purposes.  It is not the same as an “assault rifle,” which actually has a real definition.  So since “assault weapon” is a political term, the law must define it.   [Read more…]

Trump’s Wiretapping Allegations – What the Media Is Missing

Everyone is talking about the President’s wiretapping allegations.  If you haven’t heard about it, then you likely live in a cave somewhere.

It goes like this – President Trump in a tweet accused former President Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. In the aftermath of the tweet, the media and members of government called the claims baseless and without evidence. Then the media frenzy began:   [Read more…]

2016 Recount Efforts

The call for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by the Stein campaign (and now Clinton campaign) is no more than a side show at this point.   [Read more…]

Not Going Down Without A Fight

The left leaning members of the mainstream media are still in a state of loss following the defeat of Hillary Clinton. But they are NOT going down without a fight.  If anything, the real fight is just beginning.   [Read more…]

Understanding the American Process

I’m amazed at how little understanding there is in America of our process and our history. And part of why our system has some problems specific to a political class usurping power from the people is because we have a people that don’t understand the process and don’t participate fully or appropriately in the process.

[Read more…]

When Emotion Takes Over, Logic and Reason Are the Victims

One thing is for certain; cities with urban poverty, blight, and violence have been subjected to progressive democrat policies and leadership for decades (and in some cases, a century).  So when the left tries to paint conservationism as racist, it just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Case in point, the “protests” in Charlotte, NC and the calling for Mayor Jennifer Roberts and Police Chief Kerr Putney to resign.   [Read more…]

Video from Keith Scott shooting clearly shows the gun

The family of Keith Scott released his wife’s cell phone video to the public in order to force the Charolette police department to release their video of the incident.  They also claim that is shows that he was unarmed.

I’ve reviewed the video and it appears that the opposite is true.  The video appears to show the gun on the ground.   [Read more…]

The Insulter In Chief

For a long while, I tried to not despise Barack Obama.  Of course I disagreed strongly with his policy initiatives and the general direction that he wants to take the country.  But as a person, I felt that he believed he was doing what was right.  Yesterday, Obama did a great job of helping me get over that.  He’s often been referred to as the “Apologizer in Chief,” a reference to the fact that he generally apologizes for America when visiting foreign lands.  Well now he can add the title of “Insulter in Chief” to his list of titles.   [Read more…]